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Ontario, Canada. 21. Single. Straight. 3rd year Business student. I love travelling, concerts, scary movies, boating and camping. I love talking to people on here so don't be shy to send an ask!!

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Favourite song of the day:

Tragedy & Time - Rise Against

♪♪ Nothing matters but the pain when you’re alone
Never-ending nights when you’re awake
When you’re praying that tomorrow it’s okay
There will be a time to crack another smile
Maybe not today or for a while
But we’re holding on to laugh again some day ♪♪

It’s funny how some things work out. Had a past coop employer reach out to me today.. they’re looking to hire a Social Media Internet Marketing Specialist for a few months (maybe more), and apparently I was the first name to come to their minds. I told them I’m currently in my final semester of college and enrolling into university for the fall to complete my Business degree.. and they didn’t care. They’re willing to work around my schedule at my convenience. Didn’t even have to apply for the job… it’s mine. It’s as if I just got head-hunted lol. Looks like my hard work and dedication is finally being recognized and paying off… start next week :)

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